About Us

Willie Bedford

Willie Bedford. Willie is dedicated to all things wildlife, overseeing our wildlife rescue & rehabilitation program and managing the shelter. For over twenty years she has completed training courses and practicums in a variety of wildlife areas including possums, sugar gliders and wallabies. Willie also provides advice and assistance to members of the public who make contact with injured wildlife.

Willie has a background in teaching at both secondary and university levels. She was the author of the best-selling Holidaying with Dogs book and editor of Australian Animals Stories. She is the publisher of our Wild about Seatrees newsletters and environmental booklets. Willie has a B.Arts and M.Ed.

Jenny Robinson

Jenny Robinson. Jenny manages all things practical including regenerative plantings, water stations, track maintenance, infrastructure, weed & feral animal control. Her great passion is environmental education and inspiring people to connect with nature.

Jenny has taught at both secondary and tertiary level and worked in outdoor education centres in the United States. She has a Degree in Recreation & Park Management and a Masters in Education.

Pat Barnes

Patricia Barnes. Most of all Pat loves the beauty of Seatrees and the changing colours and patterns of the seasons. She manages the Seatrees office as well as regularly monitoring and checking the status of the property. Pat’s keen observations and recordings over more than twenty years have resulted in the compilation of our Seatrees Bird and Mammal Lists.

Pat has a Diploma in Institutional Management and taught in state technical schools.

Shatha Hamade

Shatha Hamade. Shatha is Legal Counsel for Animals Australia, and a former Prosecutor/Legal Counsel of RSPCA (SA). She is a lawyer experienced in the field of animal law and environmental protection, advocacy and prosecutions. Shatha engages in legal advocacy and legal challenges for the purposes of animal and environmental protection. Shatha has mounted various State and Federal legal challenges on behalf of Animals Australia for the purposes of protecting animals from harm and preserving the natural environment. Shatha also regularly guest lectures at law schools across Australia in the areas of animal law and environmental protection law.

In 2012, Shatha was named Australia’s Young Lawyer of the Year by the Law Council of Australia. Shatha also holds a Degree in Economics and a Masters in Commerce and spent nine years working in the financial services industry.

Shatha offers legal guidance to the Seatrees Foundation in areas of environmental law and processes.

Lyn White

Lyn White AM. Lyn is Director of Strategy for Animals Australia and Director of Animals International. She has earned the respect of the media, politicians and community for her work in the field of animal protection. Her contribution has been recognised in 2014 as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) and in 2012 and 2017 as a State Finalist for Australian of the Year.

Lyn is a senior advisor to the Princess Alia Foundation in Jordan which works to protect Jordan’s unique wildlife and restore compassion and respect for all Creation.

Lyn is animal welfare and advocacy advisor to the Seatrees Foundation in her work towards a more compassionate, kinder world.

Dr Alison Pouliot

Alison Pouliot. Alison is an ecologist with experience in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. She has worked as a scientific photographer and environmental consultant for 25 years, completing commissions for major Australian environmental organisations, universities and NGO’s.

Alison’s research is published within academic and popular literature and is available online at alisonpouliot.com

Alison has a BSC Hons (zoology) and PhD (ecology).

Alison is an advisor to the Seatrees Foundation on ecological aspects of the Reserve

Louise BonomiLouise Bonomi. Louise has worked in the international animal protection space for over a decade and is the Director of Development at Animals Australia. Her work in the aftermath of the Black Summer bushfires led to her appointment within State Government as a Wildlife Welfare Liaison. She manages a global disaster relief program for those around the world seeking to protect animals in times of crisis, and is passionate about supporting those who dedicate their lives to helping animals in some of the most difficult circumstances. She has been a licensed wildlife carer in NSW and VIC since 2009 - rescuing, raising, rehabilitating and releasing countless native animals to give them a second chance at a wild life.