SUGAR GLIDER: Bindi’s Story

1. Bindi feeding @ 17 grams

Stage 1: A very tiny joey, Bindi at 7 grams.

2. Bindi on scale

Stage 2: Bindi growing and now 34 grams.

3. Bindi @ 40 grams

Stage 3: Now eating solids including glider mix and flowers as well as milk.

4. Little Bindi @ 62 grams

Stage 4: Transferred to a small cage and now at 62 grams is able to feed himself and enjoy the space to exercise.

5. Big Bindi in large aviary prior to release

Stage 5: Big boy Bindi. Transferred to a large aviary in preparation for release.

6. Bindi visiting feeding station after release

Stage 6: Visiting feeding station after release into the wild.