Bird Rescues, Rehabilitation and Release

1. Boobook Owl into care

Boobook Owl rescued from road.

2. Boobook Owl in large enclosure

Boo, Boobook Owl in large rehabilitation enclosure to allow flying and self-feeding.

3. Crested Tern in care

Crested Tern rescued from beach.

4. Crested Tern Release

Tilly, the Crested Tern release.

5. Black Shouldered Kite release

Black-Shouldered Kite release – about to fly off.

6. Little Penguin

Little Penguin in care.

9. Rainbow Lorikeet

Squawky, Rainbow Lorikeet in care.

8. Fantail Cuckoo

Fantail Cuckoo rescued and in care.

7. Black Ducklings rescue

Black orphaned Ducklings rescued.