1. Pinkie Brushtail feeding

Stage 1: Tiny pinkie joey, non-furred, eyes still closed.

2. Tiny Brushtail Possum - fur just coming through

Stage 2: Burrow’s fur just starting to come through and still in pouch.

3. A rescued orphaned Brushtail joey, Burrow at 240 grams

Stage 3: Now housed in box in a small cage and eating vegetation as well as milk.

4. Burrow months later in large enclosure prior to release

Stage 4: In large aviary allowing for lots of night exercise and self-feeding, preparing for release.

5. Burrow just soft released in feeding station

Stage 5: Visiting feeding station just after release into the wild.

6. Released Burrow a year later with her own joey

Stage 6: Burrow a year later with a joey of her own.