KOALA: Gai’s Story

1. Koala Joey 230 grams

Stage 1: Koala joey – just furred at 230 grams.

2. Enjoying milk feed

Stage 2: Milk feeds and also eating gum leaves.

3. Gai sleepy after satisfying milk feed

Stage 3: Satisfied and sleepy after milk feed.

4. In large Enclosure

Stage 4: In large enclosure, eating lots of Eucalyptus leaves.

5. TIn Enclosure just prior to release

Stage 5: Big Gai just prior to release.

6. Time to be released back into the Wild

Stage 6: Come on Gai – time for release back into the wild

7. Koala release off goes Gai back into the wild

Stage 7: Released back into the forest .

8. Happy in the wild

Stage 8: Happy in the wild.