SWAMP WALLABY: River’s Story

1. Orphaned Wallaby Joey @ 600gms

Stage 1: Orphaned pinkie joey at 600 grams, housed in an incubator.

2. River in Indoor Pouch on stand In pouch

Stage 2: Housed indoors in a warm hanging pouch.

3. River having first exercise outdoors

Stage 3: Still housed indoors but goes outdoors for sunshine and exercise.

4. Exercising outdoors @ 1.24kg

Stage 4: Supervised exercise outdoors.

5. Sunshine and grass with dirt essential.

Stage 5: Now eating grass and dirt as well as drinking special marsupial milk.

6. Now out in large enclosure for a couple of months to get ready for release

Stage 6: Moved to a large outdoor enclosure in preparation for release.

7 Release day -door Open & back into the Wild

Stage 7: River coming out the enclosure door for release back into the wild.

8. Out in the Wild back still comes back to visit

Stage 8: River now free in the wild but returns for water and nibbles.

9 Big Boy River - a year after release

Stage 9: Big boy River – a year after release.