RINGTAIL POSSUM: Spindle’s Story

1. Tiny 40 gram orphaned ringtail joey named Spindle feeding

Stage 1: Ringtail joey, Spindle just rescued at 40 grams.

2. Spindle growing and ready for larger indoor cage

Stage 2: Growing up but still housed inside and on marsupial milk.

3. Now eating browse as well as milk in indoor cage

Stage 3: In indoor enclosure and starting to eat browse as well as milk.

4. In care large enclosure prior to release

Stage 4: In large outdoor enclosure and self-feeding prior to release.

5. Spindle coming out of release hole of large aviary

Stage 5: Coming out of release hole into the wild at 500 grams.

6. Spindle enjoying being out in the wild

Stage 6: Enjoying being free, exploring in the trees.

7. Support Feeding station after soft release

Stage 7: Possum feeding station used after soft release.