Wildlife Support & Protection

We begin by doing all we can to understand the life and ways of our local creatures. These include birds and mammals, reptiles and amphibians, the threatened Otway black snail and myriad insects such as butterflies and beetles. Indeed, all creatures great and small. We research and observe their movements and interactions, routines and requirements, so as to interfere or intrude as little as possible.

Then comes the practical support in providing water stations, feeding huts, boxes for nesting and roosting, as well as public education through signage and information.

“There is so much beauty in this world. Sometimes it is hard to believe this life that is given us. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is possible to change it for the better, or save it from the worst. But from today we must, and we can.”

Richard Flanagan, novelist & Geoff Cousins, environmentalist